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Advent Christian Internship Description

The Advent Christian Internship program was created to help those interested in ministry to experience a taste of healthy ministry. It is a chance to get real-life experience you can’t get anywhere except in active, healthy, kingdom-minded churches.

Experiential learning is a primary focus of the program, providing opportunities to grow in leadership and pastoring abilities that the classroom cannot develop. By pairing those who are interested in learning more about how a healthy church works (interns), with those who are old hands at ministry and are successfully making faith relevant to their culture (mentors & church sites), we hope that future church-workers can make the transition from student life into church ministry more successfully.

The program will be expanded to include more ministry sites when possible, to allow more people to go through the program, and provide more types of internships. 

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Program Structure

The Advent Christian Internship program will match interns with ministry sites and mentors, and tailor the experience to meet the needs of the intern according to their personal and if needed, academic requirements. The match will be made through an application process on the part of the potential intern which is based upon several criteria. Internship sites are selected based on their proven ability to sustain healthy ministry, as well as provide adequate mentoring and living resources for the intern.

The internship will take into consideration the specific needs of the intern as well as what the ministry site and Mentor can provide. The following is a list of some (not exhaustive) aspects of the internship that can be tailored:

Length of Internship -  It is understood that the life situation of potential interns will vary. Some will prefer a summer internship, while others will prefer an internship of a longer length. The length of the internships will largely depend on the ability of the ministry site to provide and the availability of time for the intern. The length of some internship’s will be determined by the school the student attends. The Advent Christian Internship program will make every attempt to meet the requirements and expectations of said school.

Location of Internship - The Advent Christian Internship program will make an effort to reflect the makeup of our denomination. This means that we will seek to conduct internships in ministry sites that represent the types of church ministries we presently have.  We will seek to offer internships in urban, suburban and rural settings provided the ministry site can meet the expectations of the program.

Focus of Internship - No two students are the same. This means that the needs of the students will vary regarding what they hope to gain from an internship experience. Because of this, we will provide an internship experience that will be certain to offer the intern a healthy experience in their preferred area of interest including areas such as pastoral, counseling, missions, music, youth ministry, business and much more. In addition, the ministry site and mentor will seek to provide the intern with a healthy dose of other areas of ministry and preparation beyond their particular focus. The program will work with educational institutions to ensure that credit is earned if necessary, as long as the application is made with sufficient time for the program to meet specific requirements. However, it is not necessary for the applicant to be a current student, though it is expected the applicant be interested in church ministry.

Contact Information

If you would like to know more about this program, are interested in becoming an intern, mentor, or serve as a mentoring site, please contact:

  Dr. Sam Warren
Advent Christian General Conference
Department of Nurture
P.O. Box 690848
14601 Albemarle Road
Charlotte, NC 28227
1-800-676-0694, ext. #220

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