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Greg Twitchell

Rev. Greg T. Twitchell
Director of Leadership Development

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Biblical Precedent for Leadership Development

Ephesians 4:11-12

It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, 12 to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up

Developing leaders needs to be the heartbeat of every pastor and each church!  I believe this with my whole heart and have made it the main focus of my ministry in the Region.  Without mature disciples who are willing to follow the Lord in various ministries, we will not be able to continue as an association of churches in the days to come.

It is my desire to see our leadership base enlarged by:

  • Encouraging Pastors to develop leaders within their churches and empower them to do ministry.  We need to let go of control and empower others.
  • Tracking with students away at school
  • Encouraging higher education at denomination affiliated schools (BICS, Berkshire, Gordon Conwell)
  • Encouraging people to pursue growth through the Antioch School
  • Planters, Elders, Deacons, Ministry Leaders encouraged to pursue a Certificate Program (4 courses)
  • Pastors encouraged to pursue advanced degrees to sharpen their Biblical understanding and ministry skills
  • Creating internship opportunities through AIMS in partnership with ACGC
  • Creating more training opportunities in churches
  • Designing a training program for Planters
  • Providing scholarships through our capital campaign
  • Offering 3-4 training events for our Pastors and leaders annually and encouraging them to bring young leaders with them
  • Encouraging preaching in churches and camps that calls people to consider vocational ministry.  Especially pastoring, planting, and missions.
Paul’s ministry on his missionary journeys wasn’t just to make converts. His goal was to make disciples, and of those he spent extra time with some who became ministry partners (Timothy, Silas, Luke, and others. Plus all of the elders, who he left in charge of the planted churches.) We seem to be stuck with a model in our churches where the Pastor is paid to do the entire ministry and the people come and participate as spectators. We need to reverse this thinking and equip the saints for the work of ministry, and raise up a generation of leaders who are called and equipped to serve in ministry.
Becoming Credentialed/Ordained

Credentialing within the Eastern Region is handled by Conference leadership. Each Conference has a ministerial committee who will interview, and assess each candidate with the following considerations:

  • Calling
  • Giftedness
  • Educational aptitude
  • Biblical and Theological understanding
  • Sensitivity to AC distinctives
  • Strength of marriage and preparedness of the family to enter into ministry
  • Understanding of Ministerial Code of Ethics
  • Character qualities

The process and qualifications vary slightly from Conference to Conference, so candidates will have to contact the Conference where they live to proceed with the process. Normally the process begins with a recommendation letter coming from the home church to the Conference on behalf of the candidate. To find out more about the different credentials, check with your local conference. 

Lay Pastor Credential

Licensed Minister Credential

Ordained Minister Credential 

Recommended Reading
Personal Development     
Building Below the Waterline
  Gordon MacDonald 
Margin    Richard Swenson 
Divine Mentor   Wayne Cordeiro 
Dead Men Talking    Thomas Warren II 
The Fire That  Consumes    Edward Fudge 
Surprised by Hope    N.T. Wright 
Deep Preaching   Kent Edwards 
Communicating for a Change    Andy Stanley
Christ-Centered Preaching    Bryan Chapelle
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership    John Maxwell 
Church is a Team Sport    Jim Putnam 
Biblical Eldership   Alexander Strauch 
The Irresistible Church   Wayne Cordeiro 
Nine Marks of  a Healthy Church    Mark Dever 
Fusion    Nelson Searcy 
Ignite    Nelson Searcy 
Tangible Kingdom    Hugh Halter 
Summer Ministry

Our goal is to send out 1-2 teams of 4 college age people to do 9 weeks of ministry for the summer.  The first week will include a trip to Camp Dixie in Fayetteville, NC for a week of training with Summer Ministry teams from all over the East Coast.  This will be followed by 6 weeks of camp ministry mixed with 2 weeks of church outreach/VBS.  We will take care of your training, travel, and meals for the summer and end with a debriefing weekend. 

We are currently lining up camps and churches who will take these teams for the summer.  We can’t make any promises that you will be with a certain person or work at a certain camp, but we will do our best.

We believe that this will be a life transforming experience for you as you serve the Lord in Ministry as well as a big boost to these camps and churches who typically struggle to find qualified help for their ministry week(s). 

We are offering $2000 plus expenses for 9 weeks of ministry.  This is based on each team member raising $1000 through support letters.


April 1     Applications due
April 15   Team(s) chosen
June 7-13    Training at Camp Dixie
June 14-Aug. 8   8 weeks of ministry
Aug. 9-11   Debriefing “fun” weekend



· Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

· 19 years old or older

· Completed Application, References

· Agree to raise support through sending out letters

· Commit to full 9 week program

· Agree to submit to leadership, focus on the kids and not other staff, bring a positive, Christ-like attitude each day.


2015 BrochureDownload
First Time ApplicationDownload
Returning Counselor ApplicationDownload
Reference FormDownload
Summer Ministries HandbookDownload
Church Ministry AgreementDownload
Camp Ministry AgreementDownload
SMT Exchange ApplicationDownload
SMT Spiritual Inventory Download
Training Events

We plan to offer quality training opportunities for our Church Leaders throughout the year.  This may include offering workshops and seminars as well as keeping people informed of training being offered by other groups.  This information will be communicated primarily through our newsletter but will also be made available on our website. 

Besides one day training events we will also offer ongoing ministry courses twice a year for 16 weeks each through the Antioch School.  Courses usually run from Sept.-Dec. and Jan. – Apr.

Campus Events

Each year the Superintendent will visit a number of Christian College Campuses where we have students to connect with them and encourage them in their studies.  Typically, he visits:




            Gordon Conwell

            Toccoa Falls

            Lancaster Bible

            Eastern Nazarene

Antioch School

The Antioch School is a Church based Theological Education which offers the following degrees:

            Bachelor of Ministry

            Bachelor of Theology

            Master of Ministry

            Master of Theology

            Doctor of Ministry

            Doctor of Theology

Each of these degrees are offered at a cost of $7200 for a complete degree.  This is far less expensive than most Campus based educations. 

The great benefit of Antioch is that all of the courses are also available for anyone to audit fur just the cost of the book.  That means that every church leader now has Seminary level ministry training available to them to equip them as Deacons, Elders, teachers, or ministry leaders.
Leadership Development Plan

Level I – Discipleship Programs

(New and maturing believers)

The First Principles

1 Year of Mentored Ministry Experience

Certificate of Achievement from Local Church
Level II – Basic Leadership Programs

(Elders, Deacons, Board Members, Teachers,

Ministry Leaders)

The First Principles

5 Antioch Courses (Acts, Pauline, Essentials,

Leaders, Shepherding)

2 Years of Mentored Ministry Experience


Certificate in Ministry from Antioch School

Certificate of Achievement from Conference


Level III – Advanced Leadership Programs

(Church Workers, Pastors, Planters, Evangelists)   

The First Principles


10 Antioch Courses – Series 1 (Ministry)

4 Years of Mentored Ministry Experience & Portfolio


Bachelors Degree from Antioch School

Certificate of Achievement from Region


Level IV – Leadership Mastery Programs                              

(Leaders of leaders, Superintendents, Conference Leaders, Sr. Pastors)

The First Principles


10 Antioch Courses – Series 1 (Ministry)

6 Years of Mentored Ministry Experience & Portfolio          


Masters Degree from Antioch School

Certificate of Achievement from Region


Level V – Leadership Doctoral Programs

(Denominational Leaders, Organization or Institution leaders)

The First Principles


10 Antioch Courses – Series 1 (Ministry)

10 Antioch Courses – Series 2 (Theology)

10 Years of Mentored Ministry Experience & Portfolio


Doctoral Degree from Antioch School

Certificate of Achievement from ACGC

HUBS/ Resource Centers

We are currently developing Resource Centers across New England, which will serve as leadership development training spots for clusters of churches.  These Hubs will reach out to area AC and other Christian churches who are willing to work together to see discipleship, mentoring, courses, and unified celebrations take place.  

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