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Greg Twitchell

Rev. Greg T. Twitchell
Director of Leadership Development

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Church Revitalization

Our mission statement as an organization is to be a “Growing Network of Healthy Churches”.  This means that we want to see growth and health in our Leaders and Churches.  For Churches this means that we intend to work at planting new works, thus growing the number of churches that we have, as well as coming alongside declining churches to assist them in becoming healthier.  I believe that living things grow!  If the church is alive, it will be evident by the growth and health of its branches and fruitfulness. 

The first chart shows the natural cycle of a church from birth to death. 

This second graph shows a second curve that can come from REVITALIZATION.  The idea is for the church to trust their leaders to lead them in regaining the passion for lost people that it once had. 

The Eastern Region is committed to coming alongside churches who are declining and helping them to find this new life and growth.  Our process includes putting together an Oversight Committee who will lead the church for a minimum of three years to implement the changes necessary to see effective change happen.

  • Regional Revitalization includes:
    • A willingness on the churches part to surrender control to new leadership.
    • A team of 6 people will serve as Elders to lead the Church
      • Two from the Church
      • Two from the Conference
      • Two from the Region
    • Resources will be made available
      • Assessment tools for determining the health of the church
      • Vision casting meetings
      •  Outreach and leadership training
      • Pulpit supply
      • Sister Church partnership set up
    • Revision of Church Documents
      • Membership list and qualifications
      • Constitution & By-laws
      • Ministry agreements
    •  Physical and Financial help will be sought and organized as needed
    • Assistance in finding a Pastor to lead the congregation
      • The Oversight committee will work with the new Pastor to bring help and encouragement
      • The Pastor will report to the Oversight Committee

If you would like to learn more about this process and what is involved in being a “Revitalization Church”, please contact the Regional Office.

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Strategic Planning

We have partnered with the Department of Nurture to bring Dr. Sam Warren out to meet with some Revitalization Churches to lead them through a process of Strategic Planning.  This exercise involves understanding your current church culture, your desired culture and the Values that will get you from one to the other.


We have utilized the Natural Church Development Assessment tool as well as others to help us get a picture of what the strengths and weaknesses of the church are.  We then will bring teaching to help in the areas that need improvement.

Sister Churches

We will attempt to set up a sister church relationship where there is a “healthy” church coming alongside a Revitalization Church to bring encouragement, prayer, work teams, resources and encouragement to help in the Revitalization process.

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